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Discovery Services

Let's unlock your happiness together.

We will learn methods and techniques to not only increase your Self Confidence, but to truly Discover Healthy and Creative Outlets

as well as Build Healthy Habits to improve your quality of life.

When you're ready, click to learn more about how I can help you find ways to be the best version of yourself.

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recipes, guidance, plans

Yoga Practice


customized-goal oriented programs

Bright Room


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"A few years ago I was so lost on my fitness journey that I almost wanted to quit all together. I stumbled across Stephanie and thought, "let's give it more one more try". That was the best decision I have ever made. She knows the mental health side of fitness and really tries to narrow it down to what makes you happy. Working out with her was some of the best memories I have at the gym.. She pushed me to my limit without me even realizing it. She is one of the most open and honest people that I know. If you are worried about judgement or appearances, stop now. She loves absolutely everyone. . She will change your entire life. "

Jamie S.

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